Homeschool 101 - Where Do I Begin?



- PRAY for God’s Hand in Your Decision to Homeschool

CHEC is a Christian homeschool support group so you know we’re going to recommend that you seek divine guidance, right?


- READ All About It!

Many resources are available to help you get started!  We recommend that you start learning about homeschooling by beginning with the Home School Legal Defense Association.  Then be sure to consult the Texas Home School Coalition website for more specific questions regarding homeschooling in Texas. Carefully exploring and reading through these two websites will provide answers to many of your questions.  

After you've thoroughly familiarized yourself with the legal aspects and requirements of homeschooling in Texas, browse the internet for even more information. The web has a plethora of helpful sites. Research supporting your decision to homeschool is available at The National Home Education Research Insitute.  Don’t forget to look for books at your local library, bookstore, and on the internet. CHEC does not offer a lending library or bookstore.  However, CHEC supports the Victoria Public Library as a "Lifetime Benefactor".


- JOIN Homeschool Groups

Membership in the HSLDA (national) and the THSC (state) organizations will provide your homeschool family with legal advice & protection that your local homeschool group cannot provide.  CHEC is your local support group but there are others that will encourage you in your journey. Joining local homeschool groups helps you connect with other homeschool parents/teachers so that you can learn about what has worked for them and what hasn’t.  Please note that CHEC is not a school or cooperative learning organization but a community of about 100 families (at this writing) that have chosen home education. Once you commit to homeschooling and join CHEC, you can post questions on the CHEC Forum about learning styles, resources, curriculum, and more.  Some CHEC members have been homeschooling for many years and can provide a wealth of information for those new to home education!


- BEGIN With the End in Mind

Consider your motivation for homeschooling.  What do you hope to instill and nurture or avoid by homeschooling?  That will help you make decisions about curriculum, schedules, extra-curricular activities, religious instruction, etc.  CHEC does not recommend one curriculum or method of teaching over another.  Only you can decide what is best for your family and your situation. This is one of they key advantages to home education!


- ENJOY the Time You Spend With Your Children

Time is the most valuable resource we have and it passes quickly.  Invest your precious time in the important people in your life.  You will be blessed!